Raising Retention and Satisfaction in Healthcare with Employee Recognition

This 2019 case study shows the long-term culture change HALO Recognition programs can achieve in healthcare, helping our client make drastic progress on turnover, patient satisfaction, and manager engagement over several years.

Topics Covered:

  • HALO's strategic long-term approach to improving retention for a major healthcare network
  • Breakdown of program goals and how HALO's platform helped reach them
  • Outcomes and ROI statistics for turnover and program participation

A Brief Look Inside

"…HALO Recognition partnered with a major healthcare network that was experiencing low patient satisfaction and higher-than-average turnover rates, especially among managers with 12 months of tenure or less, the most vulnerable turnover period. The healthcare institution sought to leverage an enterprise level achievement-based rewards program to use as a primary tool for building and driving a culture of recognition throughout the organization with an emphasis on recruitment and retention, creating more engaged employees who would boost patient satisfaction."