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Employee Recognition Holiday Ideas and Resources

Spark joy with curated employee recognition holiday ideas and resources featuring best-practice guides, tips, and tricks that will help your organization create a magical employee experience.

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Employee Recognition Report | Spring 2021

The latest G2 Enterprise Employee Recognition Report compares the leading tools and solutions based on adoption, ROI and customer reviews.

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3 Ways to Make Reconnecting with Coworkers Meaningful

As companies are reopening their offices, there are three ways any organization can make reconnecting with coworkers meaningful.

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Wellness & Wellbeing

How Companies Are Handling COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives for Employees (Update)

Incentivizing employee health and vaccines is nothing new. Many organizations, especially hospitals and workplaces where close contact is a necessity, incentivize things like flu shots because it makes good sense.

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10 Major 2021 Employee Engagement Trends

One might think that employee engagement would have taken an irrecoverable blow thanks the additional hardships brought on by 2020, yet the opposite seems to be the case.

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HALO Recognition G2Crowd Reviews

The benefits of a recognition system in the workplace go beyond satisfaction – they build an entire culture of gratitude that spreads to every corner of the organization.

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