Performance Management | June 24, 2016

Becker’s Hospital Review Releases 2016 Benchmarks

Patient satisfaction has always been the top concern for hospitals, and it’s easy to see why – it’s their whole reason for doing what they do. But in the last several years the Affordable Care Act has put increased scrutiny on how hospitals care for patients, tying Medicare funding to satisfaction ratings and quality of service. Healthcare organizations of today have a more intense focus on patient experience, and see caregiver roles changing to increase the ‘hospitality’ without losing the ‘hospital’.

But you can’t improve a metric until you measure to see where you started and how far you need to go. I’m talking performance benchmarks, of course.

For the last five years, Becker’s Hospital Review has been collecting all the publicly available ACA data on healthcare organizations and releasing a list of benchmarks annually, and this year’s list is a trove of 150 of them to help measure hospital performance, set realistic goals, and inform recognition/engagement strategy. Take a look at the 2016 list here and dive down the rabbit hole of big data in healthcare.

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