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5 Quick Ideas for Boss’s Day

National Boss’s Day is Wednesday October 16th, and it’s a great opportunity to do something fun or special for your management staff. Frontline managers and bosses are typically asked to be engagement ambassadors for organizations, yet are strangely the most underappreciated segment of employees.

But maybe it’s not so strange – for middle management especially, the job can feel like a lot of squeezing from both sides with little recognition of how thankless the work sometimes is. In the dash to satisfy frontline employees, their own satisfaction frequently gets lost in the shuffle. That’s why it’s nice to make Boss’s Day a special occasion.

Good news is this can be very easy to pull off. Here are five quick tips for giving the bosses in your workplace a memorable day:

  1. Organize a Team Thank-You Card – Simple and dignified, nothing warms the heart like a handwritten card bearing the signatures of colleagues who care.
  2. Treat the Boss to Lunch – Might not be an option for some, but if you have the type of boss who is good about treating staff to coffee or lunch, simply returning the favor speaks volumes.
  3. Make a Declaration – Send a companywide email/announcement extending a personal thanks to all of your management staff, or tag your boss in a social media post along with some encouraging words.
  4. Get a Gag Gift – Know something the boss likes? Have an inside joke? Give a tongue-in-cheek gift and have a laugh together.
  5. Good Old-Fashioned Sincerity – Many workplaces are too busy to stop and celebrate. At the very least take a quick break to sincerely thank them and wish them a happy day.

I’ll say it again – Boss’s Day is a great opportunity to further narrow the appreciation gap that exists between management and frontline staff. Do something thoughtful for them on October 16th and you won’t regret it. Here’s wishing all the bosses out there a great week!

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