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3 New Year’s Gratitude and Appreciation Resolutions

This time of year is usually set aside for showing gratitude, but gratitude and appreciation can be a year-round thing, and it very well should be. Here are three quick resolutions you can make for the New Year to deliver an employee experience that starts and ends with gratitude and appreciation:

  • Act with kindness and don’t expect anything in return. Once you expect a reward for your kindness, it ceases to become kindness. Intensely focus on being kind to yourself and others in a selfless fashion. Gratitude is contagious and inspiring when the risk-reward factor is removed.
  • Make those around you look good rather than yourself. If you consciously try to make your colleagues and friends look good in social situations, you will elevate the entire group. Nothing makes you look better than being consistently supportive and caring toward others.
  • Do one thing to improve yourself on a daily basis. Choose something to improve your own sense of self-worth, and it will empower you to lead others down the same path. This could be something as simple as taking a walk and getting some exercise, remembering to stay hydrated, or giving a genuine compliment to someone each day.

These gratitude and appreciation resolutions may not be game-changers, but they are often forgotten in the everyday hustle and bustle of the workplace. Keep them in mind as you go into the holidays and apply them to your work and life to start the New Year on an upward path. Here’s wishing you a happy holiday season from everyone at HALO Recognition.

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