Warm Praise for Cold Weather Workers

Blizzard Conditions

For the 1 in 4 Americans working remotely in 2021, inclement weather outside doesn’t do much to disrupt the commute to the office. That benefit came in handy for those workers last weekend when the country was hit with a record-breaking winter storm that caused brutal nationwide ice storms, interstate closures, several inches of snow, and headline-grabbing power outages.

Essential and Outdoors

However, there are many workers whose jobs didn’t afford them the luxury of staying in during the winter freeze, and in many cases required them to be out in it for long periods of time. They deserve to be recognized for going out and doing their jobs in such dangerous conditions. Many of these workers were already showing up every day during a pandemic, making their efforts that much more notable.

Recognizing Cold Weather Workers

There are usual tough tasks associated with police, fire, and emergency services during times like these, but we’d like to recognize some of the more unsung professions that risk just as much for far less notoriety. Here’s a shout-out to just a few of the workers that keep things moving when extreme weather strikes:

  • Energy Workers – With many cities across the US still facing unprecedented blackouts and power issues from the storm, linemen, field technicians, and all manner of energy industry workers must hit the streets as soon as blackouts occur. They don’t go home until it’s fixed either, working through the night to keep their communities warm and safe.
  • Mail & Package Carriers – Another job we tend to take for granted during bouts of bad weather are the diligent delivery and logistics people who keep shipments and important home deliveries going on schedule. It’s not only the street-level carriers, but the pilots, long-haul truckers, and warehouse staff that keep entire supply chains moving.
  • Food Delivery Drivers – Many Americans were stuck at home in a more literal sense than ever before last weekend, and we must give pause to the braves souls risking dangerous and icy roads to deliver groceries, supplies, and warm meals. Throughout the pandemic, they have truly been lifesavers and deserve a giant tip.
  • Healthcare Staff – No matter what happens outside, hospitals always stay open. We’re not just recognizing the doctors and nurses that render patient care, but the maintenance crews, food service teams, and technicians who show up to keep the doors open regardless of how it looks outside. If it weren’t for them, we’d really be in the dark.
  • Snowplow Drivers — Snowplow operators naturally face daunting work when weather gets wintery. As conditions worsen, they are usually called upon more and more, and entire communities depend on them to keep the roads clear and commerce moving. Interstate operators may find themselves working long stretches of hostile roads until the job is done.

Giving Warm Praise

When it’s cold and freezing outside and you’re fortunate enough to be able to work-from-home, take a moment to recognize and think about how all these everyday professions spring into action at times of like these, and how we rarely give it a second thought. It’s not always feasible or safe to show these workers appreciation with a warm cup of coffee or a simple thank you on the street but in a perfect world it would happen daily. These dedicated workers deserve gratitude and praise for their extraordinary contributions, and we would like say thank you and stay safe to all of them.

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