The Basics of Modern Service Awards

People love celebrating milestones, which is why the service anniversary award is the most popular and relatable form of workplace recognition. This essential eBook is a complete guide to administering service awards to modern workforces, with best practice tips for creating a memorable employee experience.

Topics Covered:

  • Common problems with service award programs and how to address them
  • Marketing and raising awareness of service award programs and their connection to company goals
  • Creating a consistent recognition experience for remote and virtual workforces
  • Fine-tuning recognition efforts to specific employee demographics and work environments

A Brief Look Inside

"People love to celebrate milestones − they tell us who we are by marking our progress and showing the journey it took to get there. So it’s no mystery why the service anniversary has become a cornerstone of organizations committed to recognizing their employees.

A high-performing Service Award program can increase employee loyalty and create a culture of positive feedback that drives engagement. But reaching that level of culture-changing performance is always easier said than done, and a program can lose its spark for a number of reasons."