2021 Employee Recognition Trends

2020 changed the entire employee experience, and organizations are charting new territory as they adapt to rapid change and evolving employee needs. Learn how 2021 recognition trends will play an important part in helping HR reshape company cultures moving forward.

Topics Covered:

  • HR’s growing leadership role post-2020
  • How recognition supports 2021 HR objectives
  • Current surveys and research on 2021 HR trends
  • Key employee recognition trends that will drive engagement

A Brief Look Inside

The Post-2020 Employee Experience
"Companies are preparing for rapidly changing needs moving forward. HR has taken up more seats at the table, and HR leaders are expected to have faster-than-average job growth over the next decade. At a time when employees need to be connected and supported more than ever, employee recognition will play an important role in reshaping the post-2020 employee experience."