Building The Employee Experience – A Handbook For Managers

Frontline managers play an important role in creating a satisfying and memorable employee experience. This handbook provides a wealth of tips and strategies for making meaningful connections and building the culture you want through daily interactions.

Topics Covered:

  • Conversational tricks and tips to quickly build rapport
  • Examination of the manager’s role in building culture
  • Daily social strategies to take your engagement to the next level
  • Secrets of positive body language, small talk, and presenting awards

A Brief Look Inside

Create Your Own Recognition Opportunities
"Get creative and come up with your own recognition opportunities within your own department/area. For instance, many managers use a “work swap” incentive to motivate employees, where in return for reaching a departmental goal they will assume the duties of their staff for a day. Nobody said you had to do all the recognizing. In fact, peer-to-peer recognition is one of the most effective ways to foster long-term engagement."