Reimagine the employee experience and help keep everyone safe as employees go back to work.

Whether it’s launching new recognition initiatives, creating employee care packages, or supplying safety and PPE gear, HALO offers mindful solutions focused on reimagining the back-to-work employee experience.


Personal safety products like face masks and hand sanitizer for use in your workplace to protect employees and customers.

Social Distancing

Practical gear like lunch coolers, workplace signage and work-from-home care packages to support social distancing initiatives.

Continuity and

Continue to show appreciation for your remote workforce or returning office staff consistently and appropriately.


Global logistics and creative kitting options ensure your message is being delivered to your employees no matter where they are located.

Back-to-Work Recognition Initiatives

Socialize new company-wide guidelines using employee recognition initiatives that align with your reopening plans:

  • Customer Care
  • Social Distancing
  • Above and Beyond Service
  • Sales Incentives
Customized Messaging and Design

Include your company logo and/or send your own personal message with items to share your gratitude.

Back-to-Work Resources

Learn more about how HALO can help you recognize, appreciate, and support your people as they return back to work.

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