Employee Recognition Solutions

Solutions designed to deliver a meaningful employee experience and boost employee engagement.

Achievement Solutions

Create a culture of employee recognition with our unified achievement technology platforms designed for companies of all sizes.

Unify Recognition

Give your organization the power to administer all types of employee recognition, incentives, and corporate initiatives from one location.

Increase Performance

Nurture daily positive feedback for higher employee satisfaction and lower voluntary turnover.

Be Social

Peer-to-peer recognition and popular social networking features keep everyone connected.

Measure Impact

ROI tools and customizable surveys enable full visibility into the effectiveness of your employee recognition program.

Learn how HALO’s achievement solutions can give you the power to celebrate your people.


Quick Guide to Consolidating Employee Recognition

Discover the power of consolidation with our quick guide to consolidating your recognition programs onto a single central platform. Increase reach and engagement while saving time, administration, and money.

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Memorable Milestones

Celebrate all the important milestones in your employees’ careers with our powerful suite of date-driven recognition technology and tools.

Celebrate Your People

Easily celebrate personal and professional employee milestones throughout the entire employee life cycle.

Empower Managers

User-friendly manager tools to help deliver memorable employee recognition celebrations and increase active participation.

Powerful Presentations

Customized employee awards and presentation pieces to make every milestone a special and meaningful event.

Enhance the Experience

Add another layer to celebrations with a social platform for personalized messages from colleagues.

Incentive Programs

Motivate your teams and exceed revenue goals with scalable incentive programs and measurable results.

Measurable Results

Track activity and keep teams motivated with straightforward visual pacing data.

Marketing Expertise

Professional design and purposeful communications brings any theme, vision, or idea for incentives to life.

HALO Recognition - Incentive Solutions

Motivate and reward your sales teams for reaching and exceeding their sales goals

HALO Recognition - Incentive Solutions
Customer Service

Define and reinforce behaviors that boost customer satisfaction and generate greater revenue

Work-From-Home Care Packages

Ensure your remote employees are appreciated by sending them a work-from-home care package with practical and fun items that set them up for success.

Relevant Assortment

Essential items including tech accessories, drinkware, organizers, and more.

Unbox Your Culture

Ship directly to employees and include messaging to express your gratitude and best wishes.

Build Your Own

Work with our recognition experts and build your own care package from our wide assortment of work-from-home-themed items and merchandise.

Meaningful Messaging

Tailored messaging that expresses your organization’s gratitude and support.

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