Healthcare | October 17, 2016

Medical Assistants Recognition Week

Medical Assistants Recognition Week (MARWeek) is October 17-21 this year, so let’s all take a moment to recognize how crucial these folks are to keeping our hospitals running and our population healthy. You see, doctors and nurses may get all the glory for saving lives, but what the shows on TV don’t tell you is all that lifesaving comes with a lot of paperwork attached to it. It takes a small army of some 600,000 medical assistants all across the nation to ensure our medical records, paperwork, and treatment information are handled with surgical precision.

Healthy Outlook

It’s a growth job, too. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the medical assistant field will grow by 23 percent within the next ten years, far outpacing the average for other professions. As more and more Boomers retire, most every medical profession will explode with demand in the coming decade, and medical assistants are no exception.

The American Association of Medical Assistants created MARWeek to celebrate the contributions of medical assistants every third full week of October. The Wednesday of that week is known as Medical Assistants Recognition Day, and they deserve something special.

MARWeek Resources

The official AAMA website contains a downloadable press kit, including a handy suggestion guide to help you celebrate.

Also be sure to check out our resources for employee appreciation:

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Let your medical assistants know they are at the heart of healthcare!

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