Kindness-Pass it On

Aesop told us that acts of kindness, no matter how small, are never wasted. If you still need proof, just take a look at Florida grocery store employee Gabe Boucher, who is making a name for himself online after a photo of him going above and beyond normal duties went viral, according to a Huffington Post report this morning.

In a Bind

Keith Kiel, a shopper at the store, happened to notice Boucher assisting the elderly man, who was unable to bend over to tie his shoelaces. Boucher graciously tied them up as Kiel snapped a quick photo and posted it to his Facebook page, where it became an overnight sensation.

The elderly man even tried to pay Boucher for his trouble, but he declined. Kiel had hoped that posting the photo would help recognize Boucher for his kindness, and it’s safe to say that it did. After the photo was posted the local Fox 4 news crew caught up with Boucher, who said he wanted his act of kindness to inspire others to do the same.

Words to Live By

When pressed as to how they could start, Boucher told them simply, “Just like, do it, I guess. Just start being kind. If you see someone who needs help, help them out.” I couldn’t have said it better myself—kindness takes little effort and goes a long way, especially in the workplace. It’s never wasted. In our humble opinion, great advice to start the week out with.

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