Rewards & Recognition | October 23, 2013

Hug a Medical Assistant This Week

Here at Michael C. Fina we love recognizing employees for all the great things they do. When we get the chance to praise someone’s dedication to their job, multiple party horns go off, confetti falls from the ceilings, and sweet electric guitar riffs echo through the halls. That’s why we’re super-excited for Medical Assistants Recognition Week, happening October 21-25! Do you know any medical assistants? Do you work with any of them? Are you now or have you ever been one? Well give them (or yourself) a hug and tell them (or you) that they (you) are appreciated!

Did you know that without medical assistants, hospitals couldn’t operate? They carry out crucial administrative and clinical procedures that you probably wouldn’t want to trust someone like me to do for you. In fact, they’re the fastest growing profession in the US according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so show them some love! The American Association of Medical Assistants has some great ideas for celebrating, some of which are listed here:

    • Present Medical Assistants with a letter of thanks, detailing their achievements and contributions to the organization.
    • Have a special event with all office staff to recognize the efforts of the medical assisting team and invite an AAMA representative from the local chapter or state society to speak.
    • Dedicate the October issue of your own office newsletter to your medical assisting staff, recognizing exceptional efforts and overall contributions.

These are just a few options. Check out the AAMA’s helpful celebration guide on their website for more ideas, and have an excellent week!


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