A History of Thanks: World Gratitude Day

A History of Thanks on World Gratitude Day

Since the mid-fifties there’s been a meditation room in the United Nations building where delegates can stop by and take a breather from the stresses of managing world affairs.

By the sixties the room was run by meditation guru Sri Chinmoy, who in 1965 suggested over Thanksgiving dinner at the Hawaii East-West Center for that there should be a similar holiday the entire world could celebrate, something we now call World Gratitude Day, a day to stop and be thankful and gracious to one another, no matter who or where we are on this big blue world.

In 1977, the group responsible for running the meditation room made World Gratitude Day official by a special resolution in the UN.  It has been celebrated every year since then on September 21st by many around the globe.

Wait for it…

It’s also an inarguably perfect opportunity to do something special for your employees! What better time to show gratitude than on the literal day that was named for it? This is a prime-time slot for employee recognition. It’s thoughtful, it’s timely; it’s a smart idea to get that little extra engagement boost.

We have a few resources to help you get started:

In the spirit of things, we thank you, dear reader, for being so gracious as to take time out of your day and read this blog. Here’s wishing everyone a memorable World Gratitude Day!

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