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Facebook Turns 10

Facebook, the social-media juggernaut that has practically become a part of everyday life, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year to much fanfare. They have rolled out some special features for the occasion, such as a timeline of the company’s milestones, a new mobile app, and a tool that allows users to share a personalized movie or slideshow of significant moments in their online lives since they joined.

Looking Back

Facebook charts your life according to a timeline, so it is fitting that the company would celebrate a major milestone like a 10-year anniversary by looking back over their own timeline of accomplishments and inviting users to do the same. But as people, we do this on a daily basis— long before Facebook came around, we were already obsessed with our own histories and timelines.

When an employee reaches a major milestone in their career, companies tend to stop for a moment and recognize it. They recognize the employee’s contributions, they make a modest fanfare, and they take a moment to communicate to peers what it took to get that far.

Importance of Milestones

Benjamin Franklin hypothesized that it takes 10 years to become good at anything. Whether that’s true or not, we all have a natural urge to recognize our accomplishments and tenure, to look back and chart our progress. It reminds us of how much we’ve grown—it tells our story to us. The future is always uncertain and unknowable, but when you look back to the past, you know exactly what to say about yourself.

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