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Don’t Forget Dads at SHRM 2017

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) annual conference is set to open in New Orleans on Father’s Day, Sunday June 18 this year, and it’s a great recognition opportunity for any fathers in your organization who may be attending.

Reaching out and showing genuine care for your employees’ home lives and personal esteem fosters trust and builds professional bonds. When done on the eve of a whirlwind conference kickoff, it’s even more impactful.

So don’t forget your dads! Begin your activities at SHRM 2017 on a warm note by doing something special for them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy them breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Give out Father’s Day cards/handwritten notes
  • Get them gift baskets or themed memento gifts
  • Reward them as a group via your recognition system
  • Give them spa treatment/extra hotel amenities

In other words, get creative! We’ll be delaying our opening at SHRM until Monday morning so our people can enjoy the full weekend with family. Well-timed opportunities like this are too good to pass up when it comes to supporting work-life balance. Whatever you do, make it meaningful.

But of course we’re still excited to be in New Orleans to share the latest in employee recognition with you. After your Father’s Day festivities please come see us at BOOTH 2242 at the 2017 SHRM Conference if you are in the area, and enjoy the Crescent City while you’re there!

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