COVID-19 Updates

Business Resiliency Plan Update – COVID-19

We continue to closely monitor developments and the global and local impact with respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Like all responsible companies, we are taking steps to ensure the wellness and safety of our employees while ensuring we have comprehensive business continuity plans.

HALO remains fully operational around the globe. All of our locations and operations center in Sterling, Illinois, have business continuity plans and strategies in place. Our size and scale positions us well to adjust operational support as needed to ensure uninterrupted service. We are approaching this dynamic and still unfolding world health crisis calmly, but judiciously. We have closed offices in hard-hit areas and have provided for at-home work for the majority of our employees in the event further office closings will take place.

Below are details of our approach across several key dimensions. We hope you find reassurance that we are well prepared, focused, and remaining agile as things evolve. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns. We will also post additional information on our corporate web site, for immediate access.


The health and wellness of our employees is our top priority. We are closely monitoring updates from the CDC and WHO, as well as local health department guidance for locations where we have office locations. We are providing consistent updates to our employees as well as providing educational resources on prevention. We have implemented a temporary remote work policy and have increased janitorial service across our large office locations and ensured sanitary supplies are stocked.

We have led a campaign to update emergency contact information and instructed sick employees to stay home. We have educated on our policies regarding leaves and increased our paid sick time policy to ensure the we allow the flexibility for employees to care for themselves and their families. With many school closings across the country, we have also allowed at-home work and provided accommodations to support our staff with school-age children.

Like many companies, we have halted all non-essential business travel, and we are limiting visitors to our offices. We have encouraged employees to use virtual methods for larger group meetings.

Operations and Processes

We have developed detailed business resiliency plans across our core operations including order processing, customer service, and billing and fulfillment. We are well positioned given our scale and current volume to ensure our clients experience no drop in the exceptional service they have come to expect from HALO. We have tested our business processes and created plans to ensure we are fully operational in a virtual work environment.

Warehouse and shipping require employees to be present and we intend to remain fully operational. Communal spaces in the fulfillment centers (cafeterias, restrooms, copier areas) as well as door knobs are being cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day. Hand sanitizer and hospital grade wipes are available to all employees. And, we have structured work areas to provide the recommended six-foot personal space for our staff. We have also developed a more flexible three shift schedule that both reduces the number of employees in the facility at once and meets the needs of these essential employees during the difficult time.


We are well prepared to support increased remote work through our secure VPN and remote desktop applications. We conducted an audit of equipment and access and have increased our licenses so that more employees than typical can access the network virtually. We have tested the capacity and feel confident we will remain connected and secure.

We have asked all employees with a laptop to work from home. We have also worked diligently to provide access to those who did not previously have access via a secure remote desktop application. Almost 100% of our employees who can perform their work from home are enabled to do so.

We have contacted our outsourced IT providers and feel comfortable with their business resiliency plans.

Supply Chain

We have created an e-mail address,, and have communicated to our suppliers to send any business flow issues related to the virus to this mailbox, including work stoppages, delayed production time, and inventory updates. We are likewise asking them for their business resiliency plans. We will swiftly communicate any disruptions to our sales team, and, therefore, to our clients. Complete updates will be posted on our corporate web site,

Many of our products are manufactured in China. As you know, they are now well past the peak of the pandemic. Still, as a matter of precaution we are requiring our suppliers to assure products are inspected and quarantined for at least 14 days before being released into production. You can trust the safety of the products you purchase from HALO.


We view our relationship with our customers as a true partnership. We are often an extension of their creative, marketing, procurement or HR teams and work tirelessly to bring their brands to life. These partnerships are not transactional, they are relationship based and deep.

We are proactively working with customers to evaluate options for orders that may have been placed for an event that is now canceled. We are being judicious in placing new orders and consulting closely with buyers to ensure that smart decisions are made. We are taking the highest level of accountability to communicate as conditions evolve. You can rely on HALO to partner with you to understand how this situation impacts the marketing of your business and employee engagement, and to provide the assistance necessary to help you respond the best possible manor.

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