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June 12, 2017

Recognition Still a Key Influencer of Employee Engagement

Companies large and small are focusing on increasing employee engagement because it’s proven that an engaged workforce drives better business results. In my opinion the simplest way to think of engagement is an employee’s commitment to the Company, its purpose and its customers. Engagement is not a program. It’s not an HR initiative and it’s […]

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January 12, 2017

12 Quick Tips for Improving Patient Experience with Recognition

Patient experience has become a critical concern for hospitals and health networks, and is a top issue for healthcare executives. However, organizations often overlook the power a well-leveraged recognition program can bring to bear on patient satisfaction. Here are 12 quick tips for improving patient experience with recognition: Align recognition strategy to focus on hospitality […]

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October 17, 2016

Medical Assistants Recognition Week

Medical Assistants Recognition Week (MARWeek) is October 17-21 this year, so let’s all take a moment to recognize how crucial these folks are to keeping our hospitals running and our population healthy. You see, doctors and nurses may get all the glory for saving lives, but what the shows on TV don’t tell you is […]

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June 24, 2016

Becker’s Hospital Review Releases 2016 Benchmarks

Patient satisfaction has always been the top concern for hospitals, and it’s easy to see why – it’s their whole reason for doing what they do. But in the last several years the Affordable Care Act has put increased scrutiny on how hospitals care for patients, tying Medicare funding to satisfaction ratings and quality of […]

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May 9, 2016

Nurses Week Stress Test

Registered and Vocational Nurses make up one of the largest groups of employees in the country, but are some of the most stressful jobs one can undertake.  The demand for nurses is also rising rapidly, creating a looming human capital crisis. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing explains: “The U.S. is projected to experience […]

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November 6, 2015

National Nurse Practitioner Week: Nov 8-14

Registered Nurses make up the largest segment of workers in the country, numbering over 3 million. However, November 8-14 is a week set aside to recognize an important subset of nurses known as Nurse Practitioners (NPs). NPs are registered nurses with extended skill sets who run their own practices, usually specializing in primary and preventative […]

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October 23, 2013

Hug a Medical Assistant This Week

Here at Michael C. Fina we love recognizing employees for all the great things they do. When we get the chance to praise someone’s dedication to their job, multiple party horns go off, confetti falls from the ceilings, and sweet electric guitar riffs echo through the halls. That’s why we’re super-excited for Medical Assistants Recognition […]

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