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5 Last Minute Ideas for Celebrating Fun at Work Day in 2021

Celebrating Fun at Work During COVID-19

Fun at Work Day is the last Friday of January. It’s there to remind us to slow down a bit after rushing to seize the New Year and maybe have a laugh, relax, and deliberately plan some fun. After everything 2020 brought us, if there was ever a year we needed to have a little fun at work and blow off some steam, my vote would be for 2021.

5 Quick Ideas for Virtual Fun at Work

Having fun “at work” is a tricky proposition in 2021 however, seeing as many employees are working from home or in some other situation that limits physical contact. But you don’t need to be in the office to spread good vibes. Here are 5 quick ideas for having fun at work, even if you can’t have everyone in the same room:

  • Host a Virtual Happy Hour – The office happy hour is still a reliable way to have some fun at work and is still thriving in the virtual realm. Virtual happy hours are easy and offer relaxing entertainment when socializing is in short supply.
  • Plan Virtual Meeting Activities – Spruce up your ordinary virtual meetings with a smattering of fun activities, like funny dress-up themes, an “introduce your pet” segment, a quick round of trivia, or giving out virtual gift cards.
  • Run a Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Another office party tradition had no trouble going virtual, and digital scavenger hunts can provide a fun group activity. As a bonus, encourage engagement and build culture by offering fun prizes to the winners.
  • Give Away Company Swag – Employees love swag and online company stores have lots of fun and affordable items. Send an eGift certificate to employees for your company store or offer promo codes for discounts and free shipping. 
  • Use Informal RecognitionRecognizing employees doesn’t always have to be a formal event and celebrating accomplishments during Fun at Work Day is great way to engage and stay connected to employees. A fun message or eCard is a quick and easy way to remind employees how much you value their work.

Make Everyday Fun at Work

Fun at work doesn’t have to be limited to one day in January. Fun, as it turns out, is quite the useful motivator, and most everyone welcomes it. Use these tips throughout the pandemic to stay connected to virtual workforces, build meaningful bonds, and keep morale up. Work can’t be all fun, of course, but it’s a whole lot easier when it is.

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