5 Fun Employee Engagement Tips for the Spring

Spring has officially sprung, a time of renewal and reinvigoration that naturally translates to more productivity. In fact, last Spring workers posted a three-year high productivity boost of +2.9% the average pace, and this year looks to be no different if companies can keep their employees engaged and satisfied.

Here are 5 fun and creative employee engagement tips to consider as Spring begins in earnest:

  1. Take a Walk – Organizing a quick walk outside in the nice weather can do wonders for employee engagement. Studies have shown even a few minutes of outdoor time can improve creativity, short-term memory, and decrease stress levels.
  2. Spring Cleaning – Some might groan at the thought, but cleaning has been proven to be a reliable stress reliever. In many ways our workplaces are an extension of ourselves, and getting them organized can have a net positive effect on employee engagement.
  3. Company Picnic – You can go a bit further by planning a formal company picnic, barbecue, or other group event. Getting employees together in relaxed setting to enjoy the weather and have some fun is a great way to recharge the mental batteries and improve employee engagement.
  4. Attend a Baseball game – For companies with large employee populations who happen to be nearby a minor- or major-league stadium, nothing rings in the Springtime cheer more than a good old day at the ballgame.
  5. Increase the Greenery – If it’s harder to get outside, consider bringing the outside indoors by increasing the number of plants in the office. Increasing visible greenery even in small amounts has been proven to reduce stress, and the extra oxygen is always nice.

This Spring, do a little extra for employees to ring in the season and get a little extra in return. Along the way you’ll decrease stress, boost productivity, and improve wellbeing.

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