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5 Customer Service Week Ideas for Remote Employees

Why Celebrate Customer Service Week?

The first full week of October is Customer Service Week, and it’s more important than ever in 2020. Nearly every aspect of customer service has changed since the pandemic, including a giant shift from in-house to remote work for customer service teams. Many organizations are in search of Customer Service Week ideas for remote employees, keen on boosting morale in a time of crisis and reminding customers of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

What is the Theme for Customer Service Week 2020?

The Customer Service Group, primary sponsor of Customer Service Week for the last 40 years, chose “Dream Team” for their 2020 theme, which is apt considering the current circumstances. Customer Service is heavily relied upon during uncertain times and can be the most vital communication link to customers. They all deserve meaningful recognition for staying strong and keeping things going in the face of adversity and being all one could expect from a dream team. 

5 Ideas for Remote Employees

The added complication for 2020 is of course the more remote aspect of many customer service-related jobs. Providing a virtual Customer Service Week experience that measures up to in-office celebrations has its challenges but is completely doable. Here are five ideas to enhance the virtual celebration:

  • Leadership Message – Raise awareness of the role of customer service teams and make the week memorable by having a companywide message of recognition from leadership. This can be delivered in a virtual setting or via video message or email.
  • Gifts – Gifts are a Customer Service Week tradition. Giving a token of appreciation is always welcomed and can be extra-engaging when it’s on-theme. Virtual rewards like gift cards and gift redemption cards are easily administered across remote workforces.
  • Achievement Roll Calls – Set aside some time at the end of each day during Customer Service Week to get customer service teams together for a virtual roll call and praise excellent achievements. It’s not a bad idea to keep this up as a regular practice if you don’t already!
  • Online Events – Give your teams a virtual space to unwind. Schedule virtual happy hours, games, hangouts, and other engaging activities throughout the week to celebrate the occasion and give customer service the spotlight it deserves.
  • Special Recognition – If you have a companywide platform for recognition, creating a special award for Customer Service teams to recognize each other and/or be recognized by management is a great way to boost overall awareness of customer service as an important part of the organization.  

Have a Good Customer Service Week

Recognizing frontline employees is essential to keeping everything moving, and customer service workers, like all workers, deserve a celebration that is above and beyond for continuing to hold the line for customers. We hope these Customer Service Week Celebration ideas for remote employees inspire more avenues of conversation and add to your virtual festivities in some way. We wish everyone a safe and happy Customer Service Week.

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