4 Ways to Make Super Saturday a Super Employee Experience

Black Friday and Cyber Monday get a lot of hype as the end-all be-all shopping days the holiday season, but they pale in comparison to the real busiest shopping day of the year. The final Saturday before Christmas Eve (Dec 21st this year), also known as “Super Saturday”, consistently logs higher online sales and foot traffic than Black Friday or Cyber Monday combined.

Super Deals

One of the reasons behind that may be shoppers know they are more likely to find better sales, deals, and steals the closer it gets to Christmas as holiday stock is cleared out and priced to move at lower margins. Another may be the timing, with it being the last Saturday before Christmas, spurring a wave last-minute impulse buying. Regardless it consistently attracts a much larger crowd, which translates to much larger sales.

Super Saturday alone typically nets $15bn in sales for retailers, compared to the $6.22bn and $7.9bn Black Friday and Cyber Monday netted in 2018 respectively. This naturally puts the same stressors and expectations on retail, warehouse, and floor staff that Black Friday does.

4 Tips for Employers

This December be sure you are looking out for your retail and floor staff by putting Super Saturday on your radar as a major engagement opportunity. Here are four tips to help you prepare:

  • Flexible Scheduling – Schedule more staff than you think you need on Super Saturday and if possible, send people home when you find yourself overstaffed or slow. Everyone appreciates getting time back.
  • Provide Amenities – Nothing soothes a long and stressful retail shift like free food and/or coffee in the break room. Spring for some special goodies to keep employees feeling satisfied and energetic.
  • Check In – Managers can demonstrate appreciation via regular rounds and check-ins with employees as the foot traffic gets busy, giving them a consistent touchpoint during the chaos to keep things focused.
  • Special Recognition – If you use companywide recognition software, create a quick award for their contributions. A handwritten thank-you card is also likely to be well-received near the holidays.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Many employers, bloggers, and thought leaders put a lot of energy into supporting employees on Black Friday but we tend to ignore the ides of Super Saturday, which can be just as stressful and threatening to employee morale if not handled well. But much like Black Friday, this is also what makes it a golden opportunity to show your employees how much they are appreciated. Don’t miss out!

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