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4 Tips for Making Black Friday a Positive Employee Experience

Thanksgiving is almost here, and for many employees across the country it is a brief interlude before Black Friday, the heavily hyped shopping blitz taking place the day after. Typically employees are asked to come in super early and stay for extended shifts while dealing with slammed registers and crowd control.

Black Friday can be great for retailers, but can also take a heavy toll on employee morale if special engagement considerations aren’t made. Here are four quick tips for our retail friends to make your employees’ Black Friday experience a positive one.

  • Schedule breaks effectively – Check and double-check your scheduling to make sure everybody is getting decent break time, and consider scheduling more micro-breaks in to keep employees lively and satisfied.
  • Provide extra amenities – Spruce up your break areas as much as you can, and consider providing breakfast, lunch, and/or coffee as a thank you to your teams, who will need the extra energy.
  • Check-in more than you think you need to – Managers who check-in frequently and actively lend a hand will get much more engagement from their teams, and keep things running smoothly.
  • Show gratitude throughout the day – Always show gratitude in every interaction with employees and customers to keep the positive vibes in the air, and consciously build that culture all day long.

Take these four tips to heart this Black Friday, and you will go a long way toward making the event an overall positive experience. Think of it as an extended thanksgiving for the people who are going to make it great for your customers.

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