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4 Tips for Delivering a Great Employee Experience

Employee experience goes beyond employee engagement. Engagement is about motivating employees to excel in their work, while experience covers anything and everything an employee may encounter during her tenure.

Every part of the employee experience matters, from how they are greeted on their first day to how they are treated at their retirement party. A highly engaged employee may leave a job because of one negative experience. Conversely, a positive experience may intrinsically motivate them to be more engaged than before.

So while we work to engage employees we must also keep their overall experience in mind. Here are four ways to ensure you are delivering a top-notch employee experience:

  1. End-to-end recognition – From onboarding to retirement, make sure you are consistently celebrating every major milestone and achievement along the way for all employees. A culture dedicated to recognition will always be desirable to all generations of workers.
  2. Positive feedback loops – Recognition itself is not enough. There must also be a daily effort to cultivate and nourish positive feedback loops with human interactions, manager participation, and proactive assessments of employee happiness.
  3. Culturally relevant policies – Provide policies and benefits that speak to your workplace culture. If you feel that things like unlimited vacation time, paternity leave for fathers, or Friday afternoon get-togethers would be warmly welcomed, give them serious consideration.
  4. C-Suite involvement – Leadership involvement is critical to not only communicating culture, but providing a rewarding employee experience. The more senior leaders can get involved with frontline employees, the deeper the bonds employees make with the organization become.

The net effect of a positive employee experience is always beneficial. No matter the circumstances that lead an employee to join or leave an organization, they will always remember the experience and carry it with them. More importantly, they will not hesitate to tell others about it. So do your best to make it a great one!

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