4 Meaningful Moves for Medical Assistants Recognition Week

October 21-25 is Medical Assistants Recognition Week, and Wednesday Oct 23 is Medical Assistant Recognition Day. Observed on the third week of every October, MARWeek is a time to say thank you and recognize the people in one of the fastest-growing healthcare support occupations. It’s also a great opportunity to give some memorable recognition!

CMAS in Demand

Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) are clinical support staff who work primarily in physicians’ offices and are vital influencers of quality care and patient satisfaction. They are just as indispensable as nurses are in hospitals, and just as in-demand – CMA job growth is estimated to be more than three times the national average (29%) over the next 10 years.

4 Meaningful Moves

Celebrating recognition opportunities like MARWeek helps increase retention and connection with the organization and serves an official platform to call out excellent work. This MARWeek, make some meaningful moves to show your appreciation:

  • Post an article on the newsletter/intranet – Highlight the important contributions CMAs make and formally recognize them through an organization-wide article or email. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) website even has a premade article you can share.
  • Host a thank you meeting – Find time in the week to gather CMAs for a brief meeting where you can share how much their contributions mean to the office in person. Provide cake, coffee, or whatever you like and call out specific achievements as much as possible.
  • Put up official MARWeek collateral – The AAMA website also has official posters and branding that can be easily printed and displayed around the office. It’s a good way to encourage informal recognition from colleagues throughout the week and keep the positive vibes flowing.
  • Use your employee recognition system – For hospitals and network offices that have HR software managing employee rewards organization-wide, creating a special award, gift, or eCard to celebrate MARWeek can communicate your appreciation while raising the profile of CMA staff.

Celebrate MARWeek

We celebrate MARWeek for the same reasons we celebrate Nurse’s Week – without support occupations healthcare would be much harder to provide, if not impossible. Take some time to celebrate the CMAs in your life and let us know if you need any help!

MARWeek Resources

For more on rewarding, engaging, and retaining healthcare staff, read our eBook, Meeting Human Capital Challenges in Healthcare with Recognition. Also check out our previous post, 12 Quick Tips for Improving the Patient Experience with Recognition.

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