3 Simple Ways to Make Employees Feel Valued

A recent TINYPulse white paper on employee engagement revealed that the percentage of employees who feel “strongly valued” in the workplace declined in the last year from 31% to 26%. That means only about one out of every four employees are getting the message from management that their contributions are meaningful.

Everyone should know by now that employees can’t truly begin to add value to the bottom line until they know how they matter to the bottom line. Building that trust is step one to successful employee engagement. Here are three ways you can make your employees feel more valued:

  • Remember the “magic relationship ratio” – Conflict and stress are inevitable, so keep in mind the magic ratio of personal relationships, 5-to-1. Balancing every one negative interaction with five positive ones has been proven most effective at keeping things copasetic.
  • Provide 4 or more recognition methods – WorldatWork’s latest trends report found that 4 award offerings has become the industry average, and for good reason. Giving employees a healthy mix of annual, daily, and non-monetary awards greatly increases the chance that their good work won’t go unnoticed.
  • Encourage discussions about compensation — Pay and compensation is always a top concern, but talking about it is relegated to annual performance reviews too often. Talks about compensation can lead to talks about career growth, and no matter the outcome most people will appreciate the openness and transparency.

A person’s true value isn’t always readily apparent. Sometimes they need an outside observer to point it out before they can really register and embrace it. So it’s never a bad idea, in or out of work, to express gratitude and tell people how much they are valued a bit more than we think we should. Let’s all make that 26% tick upward next year.

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