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3 Fun Facts for National Say Something Nice Day

June 1st is a fun day. Not only is it an unofficial start to summer, it’s a very cool recognition day for employees: National Say Something Nice Day. Being nice, as we know from our recent blog series, is one of the big secrets to employee engagement. Here are 3 quick facts about being nice at work that everyone should be aware of:

  1. It increases our productivity. The American Management Association’s “Leading with Kindness” white paper featured a survey that polled 662 of their members and customers on a number of workplace traits. They found that “kind managers are associated with superior performance along a number of dimensions”, including performance and retention rates [via PBS].
  2. It’s probably the most reliable workplace motivator. According to an extensive Glassdoor Employee Appreciation Survey, 53% of employees said they would stay longer at their company if their boss was nicer to them, and 81% said they are motivated to work harder when the boss shows appreciation for their work.
  3. It’s contagious. An extensive joint study between behavioral scientists at UCLA, University of Cambridge, and University of Plymouth found that being nice to others inspires them to make their own acts of altruism, spreading among groups much like a virus, something the researches called “moral elevation”.

A Matter of Fact

Don’t forget these are good facts to keep in mind not just this week, but every week after! Another fun fact: our 2020 Recognition Planner is a great way to keep track of engagement opportunities throughout the year. Download it today to give yourself a leg up on a making a memorable summer for employees!

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