3 Ideas for Celebrating Teachers on National Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and it’s a good time to bring up that teaching is without a doubt one of the most stressful and under-appreciated professions in the world. With all the recent school closures and additional stresses being put on them as of late, it’s more important than ever to show the teachers in your life how much you care.

The effort teachers put into engaging and educating our children is almost unthinkable. Even more unthinkable is the lack of basic compensation they get for such an important task. A USA Today study found that the average national salary for teachers has decreased by 4% since 2009, and 20-30% of all new teachers leave the job within 5 years!

That’s why it’s a bright idea to do something special for the teachers in your life this week, even if you can’t thank them in person. Here are three ideas to get you started:

  • Mail a handwritten note – Know a teacher at your school who does a great job? Send a card or handwritten thank you note to show your admiration.
  • Chip in for a gift card – Get in touch with your fellow parents and chip in for a nice gift card to a place your favorite teacher will love – one that delivers, of course.
  • Give In-Person Support – Check in with your educators while schools are temporarily closed via videoconferencing or phone and let them know personally how much their sacrifices mean to you.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the NEA’s website for media kits, social media sharing tips, official hashtags, and more celebration ideas. Remember, celebrating teachers is not about the fanfare or razzle-dazzle. It’s about doing what’s right, and showing them they are appreciated on the most human level!

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