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3 Employee Recognition Trends to Watch in 2020

The 20s are upon us, marking the end of a decade, a memorable milestone that always draws attention, pomp, and retrospection. Employee recognition trends have changed in leaps and bounds over the last ten years, filling new niches and leveraging technology to provide quality recognition to more employees in more places than ever before.

Major Milestones and Employee Recognition Trends

Here in no particular order are three important employee recognition trends that have developed over the last decade in recognition, rewards, and incentives that will continue to reshape the industry landscape in 2020:

  • Consolidated Platforms – Employee recognition software has grown to encompass several aspects of an organization’s engagement efforts under one umbrella. From service awards to peer-to-peer awards to branded merchandise, enterprise providers have honed universal platforms that make it easy for organizations of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of a consolidated companywide program. This is crucial, as centralized administration and reduced maintenance has freed up more energy and thought toward how these programs can serve participants even better.
  • Program Personalization – Along with platform advances comes greater control and analysis over program data and the ability to personalize nearly all aspects of a recognition program to an organization’s unique culture and people, along with several refined methods for reaching out to employees in specific departments or areas around the world. This deep level of customization allows companies to leverage their programs to affect strategic outcomes and give their employees more personal attention even in busy or on-the-move work environments.
  • Experiential Focus – Some years back mainstream HR publications began to shed the term “employee engagement” in favor of “employee experience”, reflecting the growing role of recognition in the daily employee experience at an organization. This has cast more light on the dire need for management and leadership to be actively creating that experience and put adequate pressure on companies to make human connections with their people, encouraging positive relationships, ethics, and corporate values.

Genuine Connections

If a New Year’s resolution of sorts could be pulled from this, it’s that technology has made it easier than ever for organizations to use recognition programs to their full capabilities. The real challenge in the coming years will be grappling with making impactful, genuine human connections that truly elevate the employee experience, something technology will never replace. We’re excited to see what the next decade of employee recognition trends has in store, and we’ll be here to help you make sense of it.

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