Rewards & Recognition | January 12, 2017

12 Quick Tips for Improving Patient Experience with Recognition

Patient experience has become a critical concern for hospitals and health networks, and is a top issue for healthcare executives. However, organizations often overlook the power a well-leveraged recognition program can bring to bear on patient satisfaction. Here are 12 quick tips for improving patient experience with recognition:

  1. Align recognition strategy to focus on hospitality and customer experience
  2. Enable employees to recognize each other at the Point of Care
  3. Enable patients and their families to recognize employees at the Point of Care or after they get home
  4. Promote on-the-spot recognition to increase positive interactions between employees
  5. Incorporate Press Ganey recognition or other national award into internal platform
  6. Make recognition ballots available in admittance folders, nurse stations, common areas, and waiting areas; and have an online version for patients and their families
  7. Swiftly reward employees who receive special mentions of their excellence in a letter, email, social media post, survey, or ballot
  8. Promote amazing stories of employee success organization-wide via your recognition platform, intranet, website and newsletter
  9. Offer quarterly awards for Hospital Experience scorecards based on how high the department scores, and share results with other teams to promote friendly competition
  10. Employ strategic Spot Recognition Cards to reward compliance with the 5-foot rule, etc. and feature Senior Leadership/President/CEO buy-in
  11. Bulk recognition currency uploads to your recognition platform when employees achieve important goals as a group (i.e., quiet/clean floor, etc.)
  12. Offer recognition currency along with Employee of the Month awards to increase incentives for service excellence

There is a good chance your recognition platform already has these capabilities, and is just being under-utilized. Go forth creating memorable patient experiences, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us below!

12 Quick Tips for Improving Patient Experience with Recognition

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